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Don Wright

Company Agent at: Hernandez Realty Group

Don & Linda have always worked as a team - at work, at home and at play. Searching for our Place in the Sun began with the purchase of a promising piece of desert in Arizona, (bought while in Rome) while they were spending a joyful 4  months touring Europe a year after they married. (Unlike most deals today, there was a one year money-back guarantee  they took it- and learned a lot.) It was an easy decision to buy their home in the Ajijic/Chapala in 1996 after investigating and comparing many retirement havens over the years. They combine their corporate and medical experience, plus many years of sales, marketing and customer service and love of people to introduce visitors to the many pleasures of Lakeside Living. Don - Professional Engineer, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Linda - Bachelor of Nursing, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec